Xtreme CFM Aftermarket LS3 Heads

Here at Xtreme CFM, we start out with a very durable casting which provides us with a solid foundation where we are able to transform these heads into a work of art and do what we know best to do,  provide you with the most power producing head out there. These heads are configured to your specific combination and available in many different runner volumes for the rectangle LS3  port. Only available exclusively through Xtreme CFM. We fortify these heads with all top shelf components which makes these heads an extremely great buy and NO OTHER HEAD OUT OF THE BOX can match these in performance no matter the price or brand!


All xtreme cfm cylinder heads have gone through extensive research and development to provide you with the most powerful "out of the box" heads available on the market.


In development, our main objective was to provide the highest flow possible without ever sacrificing air speed in order to achieve it and staying within strict sizing constraints of each port. Not just emphasizing on flow alone, all aspects of the port were addressed with proper port shape, velocity, cross section and volume, with the end result of an extremely efficient head.

LS3 aftermarket head..........Stanard & 6 bolt configuration

Price:  $2650.00

Price is complete, fully assembled and ready to bolt on, these heads also come with their specific rocker rail pedestals and you can use your factory LS3 rocker arms