GM Factory LSA Blower Porting

GM factory LSA Superchargers found on the Corvette ZR1, Camaro ZL1 & Cadillac CTS-V,  these factory supercharged powerplants will see the maximum potential out of the factory blower units with horsepower gains and lower inlet air temps unlike any other. Combine this with our ported factory blower snout and our heads, we push the power levels beyond any other factory setup!  Available through Xtreme CFM, done up the way we know best, to provide you with the most power!


All xtreme cfm products have gone through extensive research and development to provide you with the most power.


In development, our main objective was to provide the highest flow possible without ever sacrificing air speed in order to achieve it and staying within strict sizing constraints of each port. Not just emphasizing on flow alone, all aspects of the port were addressed with proper port shape, velocity, cross section and volume, with the end result producing power levels never thought possible.

We are very aggressive with our porting style and it shows with the highest gains out there on the market from our port work.

LSA Blower & Snout Full Race Port


We start out with modifying your snout, we weld it up in several places so that we are able to remove more material and achieve the additional flow that the 102mm can add throughout the snout and continue into the blower case, that is a very critical area that others are not achieving. Next we fully port the blower pre rotor and post, which means we fully port and open up the runners which match the heads to produce the most power out there.

LSA Blower & Snout MAX Effort Port


Those looking for something Extreme, we offer our MAX EFFORT port which consist of the same port work above with additional welding to the snout for even greater gains to dominate the competition!

Customer supplied core